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* Today's Market Update *

- Current MLS Resale Inventory -
There are 26 Resale Properties available in MLS…
ONE flat, SIX town homes, ELEVEN casitas,TWO twin villas & SIX single-family homes!
Price range: $221,900 - $650,000
Check them out by clicking here

- Most Recent Resale Activity -
8/29 - NEW LISTING: Laguna casita #9004 - $289,900 (Our Listing)
8/31 - PENDING: (In TWO Days!) Laguna casita #9004 - (Our Listing/Our Buyer)
9/2 - CLOSED SALE: Escondido casita #9202 - Sales Price $312,000 (Our Listing)
9/3 - NEW LISTING: Santa Isabella townhome #2206 - $225,000
9/3 - NEW LISTING: Furnished Carmel casita #9602 - $289,900
9/4 - PENDING: Santa Barbara townhome #8601 - List Price $319,900
9/5 - NEW LISTING - LAKEFRONT Escondido casita #4003 - $373,000 (Our Listing)
9/11 - NEW LISTING - Laguna casita #8104 - $295,000
9/14 - PENDING: (In NINETEEN days!) - San Pablo B #4302 - (Our Listing)

- Pending & Under Contract -
Of the NINE resale properties currently Pending & Under Contract in MLS, 

The Paseo Properties Team is representing 56% of the Buyers and/or Sellers!
We have involvement and representation in FIVE out of these NINE transactions,
and there are over 10,000 licensed Realtors in SW Florida!
So that
SHOULD mean something to you…whether you're a Buyer... OR a Seller!!!

We've recently listed some
 super properties!

- A highly-upgraded "San Remo" JUST REDUCED TO $419,900 on Mercado...
WOOD FLOORS in ALL THE bedrooms & the furnishings are now NEGOTIABLE!

- A "San Remo" POOL HOME on Provencia
priced at $429,000 TURNKEY-FURNISHED!

- A LAKEFRONT SW Exposure RARE "Florence" model-quality POOL HOME for $459,000!

- A model-quality furnished "San Remo III" POOL HOME in ESPERANZA for $559,000!

 Check them out by clicking here

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Steve Zajas, Leslie Whiting, & Michelle Goin
are a Top-Producing Realtor Team 
that bring over FORTY YEARS of combined 
local SW Florida real estate experience to the table! 

Steve ownslives, and specializes at Paseo in Ft Myers,
which is often referred to as being a 
"Resident Realtor Specialist".

Leslie has worked for over two decades as an on-site new-construction specialist 
for the TOP developers in the Fort Myers/Naples marketplace... 
INCLUDING most recently the current developer of PASEO, Stock Development.

Michelle ALSO ownslives, and specializes at Paseo in Ft Myers...
making her a "Resident Realtor Specialist", as well!

As of September 14, 2014
Our Team has now represented
the Buyer, Seller (or BOTH) on
252 PASEO transaction-sides for a total
of over $67 million in PASEO sales volume!
Thanks to YOU...we've now been
#1 in PASEO for the past FIVE years!!!

As our client, we promise to explore ALL the options that make sense for 
both new-construction and resales!!!
To be directed to the page with additional photos & details
on all of the properties featured below, please click here



If you already own a home at Paseo in Fort Myers 
and you're thinking about selling...
 why WOULDN'T you hire the TOP Paseo Realtor Team to get the job done?
It especially makes sense when the Team Manager also happens to be 
a long-term resident and neighbor within PASEO!

Anyone who gets to be #1 at what they do and 
consistently maintains that position year-after-year,
MUST be doing something right...
they are #1 for a REASON!

Steve was one of the very first Paseo homeowners,
 having closed on his Laguna casita in February of 2008. 
He therefore has the personal experience and 
knowledge-base that can only come from living somewhere 
since the very earliest days of that community's existence.

As a potential Seller of a Paseo Property,
you should be aware that of the Top 5 Realtors who 
have sold at least 12 properties in PASEO since 1/1/2007:

- We consistently set records by getting Sellers 
the highest resale prices EVER paid for their floorplan
- We've sold more of our own listings than any other Realtor or Team
- We average the LOWEST # of "Days on Market" for our listings
- Our average Sales Price as a % of the List Price is the HIGHEST

And (as per MLS statistics), Steve Zajas is the ONLY Realtor who 
has participated in MORE than 45 PASEO sales transactions!!!
(And that's going ALL the way back to Paseo's inception!)

Contact us for an HONEST assessment of what your property will sell for...    BEFORE you sign a listing contract!!!

That's one decision you will be VERY glad you made.

To be directed to the page with additional photos & details
on all of the properties featured below, please click here



Kristie Stanley, our Team Rental Agent, 
has almost nine years of experience in exclusively handling rentals 
for the SW Florida marketplace... both annual and seasonal!

We are proud to announce that 
Kristie is now the #1 Rental Agent in PASEO
with 50% of the market share of rental transactions 
that were conducted in calendar year 2013!!! 
The agent in 2nd place had 16.67% of the market share,
and those are facts taken from the 2013 full-year 
Ranking Report from the Fort Myers MLS!!!

 Whether you are a PASEO homeowner looking for a year-round tenant, 
(or even just a month-or-two in season), 
Kristie will secure a tenant and a lease for your property! 
We consistently have a waiting list of clients 
looking for available annual and seasonal properties! 

And if you are potential tenant looking for a PASEO property 
to call "home" and lease on an annual basis, 
Kristie will do her absolute best to help you in that search. 
PASEO has an EXTREMELY tight rental market, 
(so even though it may be a challenge at times), 
you will be connecting with THE rental agent that has unparalleled access 
to PASEO properties that may soon be coming available! 

Looking for a winter vacation in Paseo for a month or more? 
The Team at Paseo Properties consistently represents 
some of the finest homes and condos available in the community! 
Because of the GREAT demand for seasonal rentals in PASEO 
from both the Red Sox and Minnesota Twins players 
(due to our proximity to their spring training facilities), 
you can NEVER plan ahead too far! 
Many properties are booked a year or more in advance... 
especially for February and March. 

So PLEASE contact Kristie at your absolute earliest convenience 
so she can begin to go to work for you to secure your PASEO vacation!




Check out the "Applause" section of the "Resumé" page, 
and you'll see dozens of client testimonials.
These were all written by REAL people, 
with real-life experience working with us...
(no generic "John M. from Michigan" signatures here!)

Every one of them is a Paseo Buyer or Seller 
who has personally utilized our services,
and more than a handful have already worked with us MORE THAN ONCE!
The VAST MAJORITY have also referred other buyers or sellers to us that 
have also utilized our services and purchased or sold a property within Paseo! 

- #1 for total # of transactions in Paseo - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
- #1 for total dollar sales volume in Paseo - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
- #1 for new-construction sales in Paseo - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Check around and you'll see...
no other Realtor (or Team) even comes CLOSE!

#1 at ANYTHING, 
is always
#1 for a

* Steve Zajas & "The Paseo Properties Team" 
have been involved in MORE sales & rental transactions 
at PASEO in Fort Myers than any other REALTOR or team!